Dental Implants are an increasingly popular choice among our Patients at Agno Dental. We’ve done around 3,000 of them in recent years and we’ve published some of our reviews on this page to help you decide if they would be a good option for you.

Patient Reviews
Here’s what some of our patients have to say having had dental implants at Agno Dental.

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“Jean was extremely nervous, but was able to go through with the treatment. I must have been the worst patient to walk through the doors of Agno dental, being so afraid of dentists. I have tried at least 5 dentists to get my teeth sorted out but never been able to stay in the chair for more than 5 minutes, so when my friend recommended me to see Tony I was convinced it would end up the same.
I have been 2 years without front teeth, top and bottom, following a riding accident. I was becoming very depressed because my confidence was going as I found it difficult to talk to people and make eye contact, which is important in my work and was always putting my head down and covering my mouth. I had a consultation with Tony and he explained what work could be done. He was very professional but at the same time, reassuring with a calm and kind manner.

I actually began to believe I could go through with the implant that I needed. When the day came for the work to be done, I was very, very nervous but felt quietly confident. I couldn’t believe how painless, quick and professionally it was done. I didn’t even need to take pain relief and that evening, tucked into a steak dinner. Thank you Tony and your great team for letting me smile again.”


Carolhad five implants fitted and feels confident in public again.
“After having five old teeth removed I had a real confidence issue when out with friends or family. I always felt self conscious about smiling, as this would show the gaps in my teeth. So I went along to see Tony who was very understanding and explained in great detail what he could do and how long the work would take. I felt so confident in Tony’s advice that I decided to have five new implants and some additional work started as soon as possible. Now after 6 months i have the smile i always wanted and feel more confident in public. I can’t thank Tony and the staff at Agno Dental enough for all the help and support they have given me.”

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Lois had 5 teeth extracted and replaced (without feeling any pain), and was all smiles at her wedding
“I began my dentistry treatment with Tony and his team back in September. Every time I visit the surgery I am more and more amazed! I have had five teeth extracted and have never felt any pain! Amazing! I am now preparing for implant surgery and I never thought I’d say this about dentistry treatment but I actually can’t wait. Tony and his team are fantastic, they are all very friendly and I am always impressed that they remember my name. Tony has cured my fear of dentists and made it possible for me to smile with confidence at my wedding. Thank you!”


Susan travelled all the way from Coventry to have an immediate single tooth replacement. The tooth matches her own teeth perfectly.
“Hello Tony and the Agno dental team. I would like to say a huge Thank you for the wonderful front tooth implant you did for me recently..the thought of spending the rest of my life with a front tooth missing was a pretty depressing feeling…but thanks to your knowledge and skill i now have a tooth that fits perfectly with my own…even though i had to travel from Coventry because i just could not find a dentist that took the broken tooth out and replaced it straight away with the implant…but you did…Great stuff.”


Michelle Lambert had two painless implants.
”As promised at the end of last year…… an update for you all. My implants (two incisors)were done only a week ago. To my amazement I was grazing away on chip shop food within 2 hours of the operation. Today I returned to have the stitches removed and a small adjustment made to the temporaries. I left Tony’s surgery almost in tears – OF JOY!!! I see a very very bright light at the end of the tunnel.”


Angela had four implants fitted with amazing results. “Just finished eight months of treatment which included 4 implants. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Four out of five members of my family have been treated by either Tony or his team all with amazing results. I would recommend Agno Dental to anyone.”

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